St Michael’s Day in Tamsalu Gymnasium

We celebrate Michaelmas on 29 September.

It is the day chores outside were finished and people started working indoors.

 In the past, it was the day when the herding season ended and the shepherd was able to go to school. That day was like a holiday for shepherds.

 The proverb “every buck has its Michaelmas” (igal oinal oma mihklipäev), which is used when somebody has a misfortune or punishment refers to the fact that a sheep was slaughtered for Michaelmas. The main food was mutton dishes but fresh bread, and cakes were also served. Turnips and yellow turnips were cooked and beer was drunk. On the eve of Michaelmas, all animals should be at home. When left in the forest, they are believed to be killed by a wolf.

On that day it is a tradition to organise fairs. St Michael’s Day Charity bazaar at our school took place on 26th September.

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