Greek Pies

Pies or ‘pites’ in Greek is a very popular category of food and sweets in the Greek cuisine. Pies is not an exclusive Greek dish; a number of different recipes of pies are encountered in other countries well, although the pastry or the fillings may differ. Pies is, perhaps, one of the most characteristic food … Read moreGreek Pies

Sharing our experiences in Konya

Because LTTA activities are important milestones in the development of the project, but only a small group of students and teachers can travel and participate in them, after come back at school we hold on presentations for teachers and students. At the school main hall, we organized an exhibition with a lot of objects, books, … Read moreSharing our experiences in Konya

St Martin’s Day (Martinmas) – 11 November

Mardipäev (Martinmas) has been one of the most important days in the Estonian folk calendar.  Martinmas celebrates the end of the agrarian year and the beginning of the winter period. On this day children disguise themselves as men and go from door to door, singing songs and telling jokes to receive sweets. This year we … Read moreSt Martin’s Day (Martinmas) – 11 November