Greek recipe for 25th of March

Greek recipe for 25th of March

Fried Cod with Skordalia(Garlic) – The Greek ‘Fish and Chips’

A Greek celebration cannot be complete without a national dish. The traditional food on Greek Independence Day and Annunciation Day is fried cod with skordalia.


1,5 kilo cod, salted, bones removed – skin on

200 g all-purpose flour, for dredging fish

seed oil, for frying                              salt, pepper

frying batter                                       potato and garlic dip (‘skordalia’)

French fries


Desalt the codfish. Prepare the frying batter. Lay the desalted codfish on a working surface and pat dry with paper towels.

Cut it into bite-sized pieces, keeping them as similar in size as possible so they can all cook at the same time.

Spread the 200 g of flour in a container. Add some salt and pepper and mix.

Dredge the pieces of fish in the flour mixture, until completely coated. Shake off any excess flour. Add a generous amount of vegetable oil to a pan and heat to 180*C (350* F). Dip the pieces of fish into the frying batter to coat completely. Let excess batter drip off.

Carefully add the fish to the hot oil. Dip half of the piece into the oil, gently move it around a little and when it puffs up a little you can release the other half into the pan. Remove any bits of batter so that they don’t burn.

Fry until they are golden on the first side. Turn them over and fry until they are crunchy and golden on the other side also.

When ready, remove from pan and place on paper towels so they can drain from any excess oil.


In the traditional Greek manner.. which is with a potato garlic mash.

Try and enjoy!

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