LTTA 3 in Tamsalu Estonia

Meeting activities
March 1, 2020 Tamsalu
Arrival Day

March 2, 2020 Tamsalu         
The day started with a welcoming meeting by the head teacher and a performance by the students. The participants get acquainted with the school and students, they were introduced to the programme and plans for the week. They watched a video about Lääne-Virumaa and its sights.After that they were taken sightseeing in Tamsalu and Porkuni where they visited the Limestone After lunch they had a Rakvere castle tour and the city. The next activity was  getting to know each group member :
–           students form 4 transnational groups as there were four/five students participating from each country
 –  the teachers acted as group leaders. Other teachers also helped students during group work.
– each student and teacher had 5 minutes to introduce themselves and answer questions
– they put together a group picture to introduced themselves to other groups later.
After dinner at the sports centre they could enjoy water aerobics. 

    March 3, 2020, Tamsalu
Each country presents their school and a story or a legend from their region. It was followed by group work. He previously formed groups (and teachers) worked together using PowToon to make a  presentation of an animated story based on the legend or story they got to work on. Each group had a different story and presented their PowToon story. In the afternoon students had a cooking workshop and prepared Estonian traditional food prepare karask, kama and made butter with Reena Curphey. In the evening the students played games and socialized at the sports centre. The coordinators had a meeting to discuss he results of the project and plan further activities for the next LTTA in Pico.     March 4, 2020 Tamsalu The students visited the most famous place in Estonia where cultural heritage is preserved – THE OPEN AIR MUSEUM in Rock al Mare, where they learnt about games, school  life and the way Estonian peasants lived 100 years ago.They also had a tour in the Old Town, which is a UNESCO Heritage Site. The participants could sample Estonian food in a unique atmosphere – Kolu inn, which is also part of the Open Air Museum. The evening was zumba and games at the sports centre.    

March 5, 2020 Tamsalu
The day started with a WORKSHOP on felting, which was followed by a WORKSHOP on making bone spinners – a Shrove Tuesday tradition and they played some Shrove Tuesday games. The participants also has a chance to learn how to play the zither – the Estonian musical instrument and had fun in the folk dance workshop. In the afternoon, they visited Reena Curphey’s art studio, where she showed her work and different types of wool for felting. In the evening, the students were engaged in multinational teams playing flooball. Thee participants also visited Sagady Manor and Nature school to learn about Estonian forestry and history.  

March 6, 2020 Tamsalu
Friday was devoted to INTERNATIONAL MOTHER LANGUAGE DAY. Our Estonian teacher presented the South Estonian dialect (a presentation of the dialects spoken in the south of the country). Students give presentations of their mother tongue. Group work – a phrasebook of languages presented was compiled and presented – English and the languages (Estonian, Spanish, Portuguese and Turkish) were included. The phrase book will be an online brochure available for the public use. Teachers recorded the phrases and the audio files will be added to the phrasebook. After lunch the students and teachers filled in the evaluation forms of the project activities and signed the participants’ lists. During   the final evening was given a certificate and each school got a souvenir made from the local limestone. In addition, each participant got a coloring in book with Estonian national patterns.  

March 7 2020, Tamsalu
Departure Day

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