2018 is declared as the European Year of Cultural Heritage; so we decided to address this issue from the school perspective: What can we do about it from school? What can the study of this subject contribute to the school? We decided to focus on the intangible heritage, which we believe provides great cultural richness … Read moreOUR INTANGIBLE HERITAGE, A VALUE FOR THE FUTURE


Our school mission is to educate knowledgeable and creative, self-confident ,resourceful and advanced individuals who acquired our national values. And our vision is being a leader institution with a strong corporate identity and culture. There are 502 students and 35 staff. All the stuff at school are competent and experienced in their fields and have innovative perspectives to … Read moreMEHMET MUNEVVER KURBAN ANADOLU LISESI

IES Pobra do Caramiñal

The IES Pobra do Caramiñal is a center located in Galicia, in a coastal city of nearly ten thousand inhabitants. Account with around 440 students and 55 teachers, teaching ESO (12-16) and secondary education (16-18) as well as vocational (adults). The IES Pobra is committed to the improvement of the quality of education, participating in multiple projects for … Read moreIES Pobra do Caramiñal

ADLIP – Escola Profissional do Pico

ADLIP – Escola Profissional do Pico is a vocational secondary school located on an island (Pico) which is mostly rural. Its geographical location accentuates its isolation. Whilst we belong to Europe, we are considered far from its borders. Ours is a small community (population is only 15 000), nevertheless, there is some immigration from Brasil, … Read moreADLIP – Escola Profissional do Pico