Oral transmission: Madialeva

Oral transmission: Madialeva

On Febrary/2020 we enjoy the visit of our former teacher Ana Moreiras, who delighted us with the story of her experiences throughout the years of preparation of her recently published graphic book.

Under the suggestive title of Madialeva, Ana M offers us a compilation of stories of the Galician rural, from the feminine perspective.

His characters are village women, perhaps irrelevant from the perspective of History but, through their stories, we come to value them as basic in family livelihood and social development.

From her facets of illustrator and compiler of stories, A.M. told us about the importance of transmitting the experiences of previous generations; of the need not to lose the knowledge acquired and value all that our elders have to transmit to us.

At the end of her presentation, our students had the opportunity to quench their curiosity, asking her about those aspects that had caught their attention.

Even they told her some short stories from their own families.

We spend a great time with our dear teacher and learn a lot about our own culture and recent history.

Ana said goodbye, encouraging students to pay attention to their elderly relatives and spend time listening to their stories.

You can find more info about Madialeva at

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