Carnival 2019 – Pico

Carnival 2019 – Pico

In the Azores “Carnaval” is celebrated with a mixture of festivities, dances, parades, marches, satirical plays and even typical popular theatre that ironizes the Azorean lifestyle and regional political figures.

During the “Carnaval” weekend and the following Monday and Tuesday, hundreds of people will get together, wearing all sorts of costumes and masks, dancing and partying till late hours.

It is a period of great fun, just before lent (for Christians), where people usually put aside their typical individuality to experiment a high sense of social unity.

Our school, Escola Profissional do Pico, joined in the typical parade which roamed through the streets of Madalena, on Friday March 1st, representing Spring (Primavera) characters.

It is very typical to say: “A Vida são dois dias, e o Carnaval são três!”

(Meaning to say that: Life is only a couple of days, but for Carnaval we have three!)

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