21 days spoken Galician

21 days spoken Galician

Once upon a time there was a committed Galician Language Teacher in a distant school in a small village called Ies da Pobra do Caramiñal.

This teacher, according with her deep implication in the promotion of the Galician language, launched a challenge to all the students of that little school: “could you spend 21 days speaking only Galician?, at school of course, but also at home, on free time, shopping, …”

The newborn challenge was called “21 días co Galego” (21 days with Galician language) and was complemented with games, digital contents, videos, performances, interviews,…

From that day until now, hundreds of students and teachers have accepted the challenge of Pilar Ponte “A Profa” and made an extra effort to maintain and use our mother tongue regularly . Even other schools took up the challenge and passed it on to their students, so they became thousands.

We want to share this activity not only because the own language is a basic “IN.HE.”, so every action aimed at its defense deserves our recognition, but also because it´s a clear example of “good practice”: most of the “must have” of any activity are included on it: impact, low cost, exportable, lasting over time,…

In fact, over the years of its short life, some awards gave to the activity the recognition that hard work deserves.

This year, the 21 days won a “+”, just like our Erasmus+ and became “21 días co Galego e +” and it´s officially carried out by other 4 schools spread throughout the 4 provinces of Galicia. All of it developed under the promotion of Secretaría Xeral de Política Linguística, the highest educational authority for the Linguistic Promotion in Galicia.

From here our congratulations to the teacher Pilar Ponte, the main driver and visible head of the activity and special thanks for the dedication of the 12th day to one of our issues: Traditional celebrations, and specifically to the celebration chosen by our school for this year: Carnival.

You can see more about 21 Days here.

Pobra do Caramiñal, 25/01/2019, the 12th day .

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