Traditions and oral transmisión at Pobra

Traditions and oral transmisión at Pobra

Today we held another interesting activity framed into the Erasmus+ Project, more detailed, into the activity of “Oral transmisión”.

The most siginificative aspect was the colaboration with the nearby school EEI Fernández Varela; their students came to visit us and enjoy with us of this activity, which had 2 different sections.

In the first one, some of our students of 3ºESO told us several legends that they had listened from Soledad Felloza some months ago.

Alonsg the last weeks, they were working on the stories, writen different versions of them, making romance versions, and creating artistic interpretations. Today the were able to told the stories to an enthusiastic audience.

The second part of the activity was about tradicional musical expresión: “regueifas”. This time were the 1st year students those in charge of developing it.

In the preparation of these students were involved several academic departments: Spanish Literature, Galician language, music, art,…, but also ENLG team and Library team.

Today we enjoyed a nice morning with our youngest neighbors and, surely, we will do it again shortly.

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