Sharing our experiences in Konya

Sharing our experiences in Konya

Because LTTA activities are important milestones in the development of the project, but only a small group of students and teachers can travel and participate in them, after come back at school we hold on presentations for teachers and students.

At the school main hall, we organized an exhibition with a lot of objects, books, handcraft, … and pictures of the meeting at Konya.

Despite the exhibition remains for a couple of weeks, along on morning the team of teachers and students who have participated in the LTTA were there attending the visit of all the teachers, given them explanations about the meaning of the elements of the exhibition, sharing experiences and, following the Turkish tradition of hospitality, inviting each visitor to a Turkish tea and some traditional goodies like the lokum.

Another afternoon comes the turn for the 4th level students, reunited at the school assembly hall, they could enjoy a video and pictures, along with the story of the trip and the experiences lived.

The students told them about their presentations, the school, their new friends, cultural visits, food, Mevlana, …

Just to make the experience just a bit more immersive, all of them were invited to taste a cup of Turkish tea and some traditional goodies, following the traditional custom of hospitality.

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