Products of the project: 2 magazines

Products of the project: 2 magazines

As a result of two activities of this project at the end of the first year, we got a lot of stories, poems and pictures related with the activity P4 Folklore and oral transmission traditions and P15+ Nicknames.

We shared this material in the best way, making exhibitions into the school and outside.

The reactions of the people who saw these exhibitions led us to wonder about to make something more enduring and we decided to publish it in two magazines, one by each activity.

This way we got a lasting product and gave value to the work of our students.

At the same time we got a little gift for some people that collaborated with us, people from the municipality, cultural associations, storytellers and so on.

Due to the school calendar, we hardly got the magazines printed on time but, fortunately, they arrived from the printing press on the last days of course and every single student and teacher who worked on them could have their own book.

The students  were very proud of themselves, looking at their works printed and going home to share it with their families. And now they are motivated for the nest year to work again on the project.

You can see the digital version of the magazines on these links:

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