OURINHE before Christmas

When Christmas is coming and the year is also coming to an end, everything at the schools have a different taste.

With a variety of traditions and celebrations, every country and every school look a bit different.

It also happens with our Erasmus+ corners and pannels.

But, before vacances, the work lasts until the last day.

So, at Greece, students from the 1st EPA.L. of Karditsa who participate in the program have undertaken to create a relevant leaflet, for the Erasmus+ «Our Intangible Heritage, a Value for the Future»., with the help of their teachers.

At Spanish Erasmus classroom Santa Claus’s gifts arrived before expected time.

The new furniture for the classroom: tables, chairs, shelves and cork panels.

It will took a lot of hours of hard working until to get the clasroom ready.

Meanwhile, enjoy the vacances and see you back on the New Year 2019.


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