Oral transmission activity at Pobra

Oral transmission activity at Pobra

The activity P4-Oral Transmission of the Erasmus+ project OURINHE has result a very complete and enhanced one, from the point of view both academically and motivational.

It gave us opportunities for knowing new people related with this subject, to talk with neighbours and remember several stories, …

For our teachers and students was kind of a trip through oral language, through write language, romance, music and lyrics, art language and finally, coming back to the origins, oral transmission, assumed by a new generation of storytellers.

The starting point of the activity was a storyteller session with Soledad Felloza, that our students attended and take notes for their works.

At Galician language classes they wrote the stories with their own words.

A second step was make at Spanish language classes, rewriting the stories in romance. These were used as lyrics at music classes to compose new songs.

At the same time, they created pictures at art classes.

All these products altogether gave us the material to organise a exposition but also to create a short book.

To close the circle, some of the students told the stories to a young auditorium: the youngest students of a close primary school.

Some products of this activity are: a video of the storyteller, records of the songs, a book with stories and pictures.

Congrats to the Erasmus+ team, the group of teachers involved in the activity and all the students of 3rd level of ESO and their families.

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