Oral Myths, LTTA in Greece

Selling old age

The bazaar was recorded in the tradition of our country, and our folklore involved it with stories and narratives, usually fantastic, such as those described below:

For a long time, the 82-year-old Nikos was thinking of going to the bazaar to sell his old age and buy youth. So, from the dawn of Saturday, Nikos stood up, opened his backpack and began to fill it with his old age. He threw his backpack on his shoulder, prayed and went to Sofades.

On the way he met people from his village who asked him: How do you reach Sofades with so much weight?

Nikos arrived at the bazaar and stretched his product waiting for the buyers. People saw the strange product, looked at it strangely, and left wondering.

The time passed, the other sellers sold out and left. When Nikos saw that he couldn’t sell, he lowered the price.

But nothing, no one listened, no one stopped to make a bargain. His product remained unsold. All left, except Nikos. He stayed alone in the middle of the bazaar. He tied his backpack, loaded it on his shoulder and took the road to his village alone and skeptical, sad and disappointed. Not so much because he sold nothing, but because of what he would say to his wife – who would wait for him at the door to see him come back as a young man, like when she met him at the age of 18.

But he was not disappointed; a new hope arose in his heart. The great bazaar of St. Demetrius! Maybe, something could happen there, to sell out, to throw some of the heavy years. He would wait!

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