Mythological places near Tamsalu

Porkuni floating islands

Poor maid Kaie was noticed by the squire while working at the manor. He wished to marry her, but fueled by anger pushed her into the lake, when he heard that she had already chosen a husband. Kaie refused any help and drowned, and from the hay that was carrying  floating islands were formed.

There once lived an angry bishop, who regularly punished his servants. One day he thought that his slaves were carrying too light amounts of hay on their shoulders and decided to drown them. A siren noticed the men in need of help, threw dirt on the hay and instantly floating islands were created, which the slaves got on and escaped from drowning. The siren tragged the bishop into the water so that he would scare the fish from getting caught onto hooks.

The treasures of Porkunis fortess

During the Livonan battle in 1558, before the Russians came, the head of the fortress decided  to collect all valuables from the walls and everywhere else and hide them in the basement of the fortress. They were not found by the Russians. The treasure is guarded by an evil spirit who carries a hot pitchfork. To find the treasure one must follow the guides on a piece of parchment located in the archives.

Neeruti  lakes

The lake is said to have been created from the kidneys of the  horse belongign to Kalevipoeg (Kalev’s son). At the bottom of both lakes, there lies a chest of money, but only the back lake’s chest is possible to be collected.

Kalev’s son stone

21.7 m in grith and 2.1 m in height. These were the stones which Kalevipoeg (Kalev’s son) threw at the wolves that tried to strike down his horse.

The birth story of the name “Rakvere”

Once upon a time Kalevipoeg came home from Russia with a big bag of gold and stopped at Rakvere to take a nap. An enemy spotted him and sent Raki, the dog, to attack Kalevipoeg. Kalevipoeg killed the dog and that is how Rakvere got its name. (Raki’s blood, blood=veri, Rakvere or Raki veri.)

Kalevipoeg came from the war, tied his horse to Käru clearing and then he fell asleep. The horseflies and mosquitos annoyed the horse because of which the horse scraped up so much dirt and that  Emumägi was formed. Another version is that the wolves attacked the horse.

Turje Cellar-Near Muuksi there was a cave in which wine was flowing and the Devil made it a source of gold, possibly a pub. Kalevipoeg (Kalev’s son) came from Finland to drink in the pub. The Devil then called Sorts (a wicked warlock – who was Kalevipoeg’s enemy) to the pub. Just as Kalevipoeg(Kalev’s son)   was about to leave the pub Sortsattacked him. It was a hell of a fight. Kalevipoeg(Kalev’s son) found some pieces of a table and tried to knock out Sorts with it but he had a hard head. Suddenly, someone shouted from the bushes, “Hit him with the edge, hit him with the edge!” He did so and Sorts fled. (Later the Devil decided to escape and sent his minions to chase Sorts.)Kalevipoeg (Kalev’s son)found out that his helper was a hedgehog and he gave the hedgehog a piece of his coat. That’s how hedgehogs got their spines.

The Knight of Toolse -In Toolse Fortress there once lived a belligerent knight who,  for a long time,  thought injustice of people and found that it is the time to marry. A simple fisherman’s daughter caught his eye but he didn’t know that she already had a lover. The knight accidentally stumbled upon their wedding and got so angry that he chopped off the grooms head and killed some of the guests. As the pride fainted, the knight took her and rode off on his horse. On horseback, the girl woke up and said, “If I have no right to be on the ground, then someone have mercy on me.” Right then gloomy thunderclouds emerged and the lightning bolt hit the knight, the girl, and the horse, instantly killing them all.

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