One of the first activities of almost every project is the design of a representative image for it: a logo. And, after one intense month from the beginning or our new Erasmus+ project “OURINHE”, we are completely involved in this task.

But for us, this is not actually the first activity of the project, because we began to work on it a lot of months ago, when a group of teachers from very distant countries decided to elaborate a common project to work on. After uncountable hours or hard work, we found ourselves waiting for long weeks, plenty of hope and illusion, until the moment we knew that we had achieved it.

It was the same illusion with which we started this new scholar year, plenty of meetings with other teachers and students, presentations to families, phone calls, long emails, more meetings, …


And, again, ILLUSION is how we can call the enthusiastic way in which our students began to work on their first tasks, for example, give a new look to the Erasmus+ workplaces.

And, of course, the design of a logo that will accompany us during these next 2 years.

But, more than this, this logo will be with us for a long time, linked into our memories to the great moments that we are sure we will enjoy along this project.

In very few days, we´ll know the winner of this contest, with a very special prize: to see it at every corner of the project places, activities and communications.

Good  luck to all the participants.

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