Our school mission is to educate knowledgeable and creative, self-confident ,resourceful and advanced individuals who acquired our national values. And our vision is being a leader institution with a strong corporate identity and culture. There are 502 students and 35 staff.

All the stuff at school are competent and experienced in their fields and have innovative perspectives to support the
students in all aspects. Our classrooms are designed with high technological education systems. we have smart boards and internet connection in our classrooms.

Our students are chosen with a Central Testing System after the low secondary level education.Our pupils come from different regions and low secondary schools in all over Konya. It is a State school providing the students a strong background for higher education. Every year approximately 70% of our graduated students pass the exams and continue the higher education. Our students have lots of achievements in local and regional events such as sport activities, competitions, science projects and social events. and they are willing to develop their knowledge and skills , their foreign language competences and learn more with the participation of transnational project.

Between 2013-2015 we finished a Commenius Project as a coordinator school. Now, we are running an Erasmus+ Project also as the coordinator.

We also have E-twinning projects in German and English languages with different teams.

Both the students and school stuff want to have more experiences in transnational projects that allows us a broader perspective and co-operation with other schools, getting contact with innovative educational practices and organizational methods in different countries. We like to know diffirent cultures, people and countries as the teachers and students. We want from our students to respect different cultures.
We want to show our cultures and traditions. We want our students to develop their language skills.
We want them to be in comunication with european people and think that mutual comunication is very important. For this reason, we took place in Commenius projects and at the momentwe are running and Erasmus+ Project. We have also E-twinning projects with differents subjects. Our E+ teachers group: Bahaddin Demirci (Headmaster): person of the Project management. Banu Bildirici (Project coordinator): for the communication between partner schools and coordination at the school. Osman Haytalar; Sevil Set Okuş; Hatice Ünlü : for the promotions and implementation of the project. Ebru Demirel Uysal (PE teacher): for traditional games. Öznur  (Art teacher): for the arts and drawings. İlyas Karaaslan : for the budget of the Project. İlknur Yılmaz
(English teacher): for the communication. Mustafa Mermerci: for the IT.

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