Greek Honey Cookies

One of the designated activities included in our Erasmus+ European program titled Our Intangible Heritage, a Value for the Future is the presentation of each country’s traditional celebrations and gastronomy (activity P6). To this end, two of the school’s teachers decided to actually make a Greek traditional Christmas treat in class with a group of students.

Mrs Katerina Giannakoudi and Mrs Eleni Theodoraki, along with some students of the 10th grade, found information about the history of a dessert called ‘melomakarona’, and how it is tied to Christmas celebrations. They then decided to make it in class; they found the recipe, gathered the ingredients and prepared it, using the oven from the school canteen. (They were really delicious, by the way!)

The students showed great enthusiasm for the whole process, since they were actively involved in all stages of preparation. Moreover, they had the chance to learn about the tradition behind this dessert, and to share the spirit of Christmas within their own class!!

For more details click here: melomakarona.

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