Erasmus+ short-term joint staff training event at Pobra

Erasmus+ short-term joint staff training event at Pobra


The first act was to welcome the visitors.

In the presence of 3rd and 4th grade students, the principal of Ies Pobra do Caramiñal, Margarita Saborido Ojea, made a brief reminder of our involvement in European projects and told us some close old stories.

She then proceeded to individually greet each one of the participants, while giving out the identification cards.

Teacher Alejandro Bobillo also made a greeting speech to the visiting teachers.

Finally the coordinator of the project, Angel Vidal, also addressed them a few words  about the concept of education itself and the motivation that an Eurpean project provides to the school.

We then went on a guided tour through  Ies Pobra facilities, visiting workshops, computer rooms, gyms, … as well as recycling points and Erasmus+ corners and boards, one in each building of the school. A special stop was made at the art classroom, where each teacher printed a  poster sheet specially designed for the occasion.

After the coffee break, the students of the host institution held four presentations about Saint Jacques Way and Finisterrae.

After completing the presentations, we set of on a journey to know an old Galician manor: “Pazo de Rubianes” where we enjoyed a casual meal in a special atmosphere, as well as an interesting visit to the main house built 600 years ago and the spectacular botanical winter gardens, between vineyards and camellias.


On Tuesday we began the day with a short introductory meeting to European projects, based on IMPACT, held in the Erasmus + classroom.

Secondly, we held a coordination meeting about the activities, including a presentation made by the coordinator J Angel Vidal, and time for debate.

After the coffee break, back again to Erasmus+ classroom for a conference about Project Based Learning.

The morning came to an end and we departed to Finisterre.

In the afternoon, we had the opportunity to enjoy the amazing scenary of Finisterrae with all it´s myths and legends and a short visit to Ezaro, the only waterfall in Europe that casts its waters over the sea.

After a stop at the village of Muros, the trip finished.



On Wednesday we spent the day doing cultural activities outside the school, visiting Santiago de Compostela, the main pilgrimage center in Europe.

The first thing we did was to visit the “Museo Pedagóxico de Galicia” where the guide showed us how education and classrooms evolved through the lastest decades.

The second visit, already at the old core of the city, was at the Town Hall, to the library of the “Consello da Cultura de Galicia”. There, the historian and writer Manuel Gago delighted us with a long dissertation about Galician history and culture, very participated by the teachers.

And, before to eat into a restaurant located at the Quintana square, we visited the Cathedral, the outside and the inside, with the guidance of our history teacher Alba Dominguez.


In the afternoon, we had free time to enjoy the old town’s streets and squares before coming back to the hotel.


In the first session, we had a presentation, made by coordinator Angel Vidal, about “Communication and Dissemination”, followed by a debate sessionabout the project website, etwinning and the responsabilities of each school.

Then we had a workshop about Europass.

After the coffee break, we enjoy a speech and a workshop about “working on eTwinning”, guided by Mrs. Maria Malliora, teacher in the Greek team.

After this, Mrs Angeles Miguens made a presentation about “Money and Mobility Tool”.

And, while the coordinators held a work meeting, all the other teachers enjoyed a tradiciontal party at the school: Magosto, a typical galician chestnut gathering celebration.


Then the moment to celebrate a common meal came, followed by an afternoon of celebration and coexistence among students, teachers, families and other guests.

We enjoyed traditional food, some of ir cooked on the spot and we had performance by folk groups,  which encouraged to everyone to dance their songs.

After this, a lot of traditional games delighted students and teachers alike.

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On Friday morning, we decided to make a little change on the scheduled time.

So the first activity was a workshop about Learning, Teaching and Training Activities, at the end of which we decided on the calendar for them and we agreed to some changes in the activities to be developed in them.

Along the coffee break was also the moment for the jury of the logo contest to take a decision. The winner was the one presented by  ADLIP school.

Then it was the turn For Angeles Miguens to talk to us about evaluation and for the delegations to fill in the lasting items about the meeting evaluation.

The director of the 1st Epal of Karditsa, Mr Sokratis Pappas, made an introduction to the next LTT Activity at their school.

The last activity of the morning was the reception of Pobra do Caramiñal Mayor in the Town Hall, in which we had the opportunity to chat for a while about the objectives of the project.

After lunch we took advantage of a short visit to the near town of Boiro to make the last moment purchases.

Just a short free time to pack and prepare for the farewell dinner and, after that, the delivery of attendance certificates.

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Pobra do Caramiñal, 22/11/18.













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