Erasmus+ fair, a dissemination activity

Erasmus+ fair, a dissemination activity

On the last weekend of May/19, the Erasmus+ team of IES Pobra hold a dissemination activity at the main promenade of the city center.

Attending an invitation of the Council, in collaboration with the tourism department of Pobra,  we participated in a little fair around tourism and culture.

There, we shown the entire audience an stand in which we presented information and memorabilia of several Erasmus projects, some of them already finished.

But the main core of the exposition were the products obtained along this scholar year in the frame of the project OURINHE.

With some of the jobs made about the locations included in the activity P5-Mythological Places,  we made a leaflet, on disposal for every visitor.

A book made with the stories or the activity P4-Oral Transmission was also on disposal, to know the work made by students of 3rd level of ESO.

Very interesting was the section dedicated to the “nicknames”, an activity added to the project, following a suggestion from the municipal library, and with great acceptance among families and general visitors.

Our students also hold several workshops, related with traditional games (included the “stomachion”  that they had learned in the LTTA at Karditsa-Greece), and the most popular one: “make your own Pin”.

It turned out to be a great opportunity to share our projects, but also to meet with former students and the best occasion to show our work to the next generation of students and their families.

After all the hard work of all the Erasmus+ team, it was a rewarding experience.

Next year we will do more and better.  

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