Erasmus Days at Pobra

Erasmus Days at Pobra

On 10/10/2019 we celebrate Erasmus Days at Ies Pobra do Caramiñal.

An exhibition of pictures from different projects at the screen located at the main hall.

The banners of our last three projects were exposed in the main play yard of the school.

And the main activity was a presentation of Erasmus+ to the students of the first level: their first contact with Erasmus.

Two of the coordinators: Alejandro Bobillo and Angel Vidal, and several students involved in the project OURINHE and in the finished “A call from schools” and “Inventions and Cultural Behaviour” , were in charge of the presentation.

We talked about general purposes of Erasmus+, the main objectives of the project OURINHE and the opportunities that these younger students have to participate.

The students made a  quick tour of their experiences and memories. They mainly focused on the intensive emotions that they had lived and the great opportunities that the projects provide.

The audience was absolutely fascinated by their exposition and intrigued with the pictures showed in the background.

We had to promise them that they will participate in some ways in OURINHE along this school year.


On 11/Oct. coordinators Lola Parrado, Alejandro Bobillos and Angel Vidal held presentations to all the classrooms of “Formación Porfesional”, students of Dietetics and Nursery.

They told them how nowadays Europe is a unique laboral market and what a great opportunity Erasmus+ projects provide them with, for their formation and even for their CV.

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