Disseminating our activities

Recently, our school, the 1st EPA.L. of Karditsa, organized a dissemination activity for our Erasmus+ program titled: ‘Our Intangible Heritage, A Value for the Future’. Specifically, our school hosted at its conference room for one day the proceedings of another Erasmus+ program materialized by a neighbouring school, the 4th Lyceum of Karditsa. The participating schools were from: Turkey, Romania, Latvia, Hungary and Greece.

Our guests were briefly informed about our program, the meetings and the basic activities done so far. They showed great interest in the subject, and even had questions to ask! As a school, we were very pleased with this opportunity, as it was the first time we could present our program to an audience coming from other countries. Also, we feel proud of the work all our partners have done, because it was apparent that it was done with special care.

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