Drystone Walls Are Handmade Wonders Made from the simplest of materials following techniques passed down through the centuries, the walls that have shaped Greece’s landscapes are true treasures. These masterpieces of folk architecture, crafted using the simplest of materials, invariably enrich the environment, turning rugged landscapes into cultivatable, fertile land. In 2015, drystone construction was … Read moreDRYSTONE WALL, LTTA in Greece

Oral Myths, LTTA in Greece

Georgios Karaiskakis Georgios Karaiskakis was a famous Greek military commander and a leader of the Greek War of Independence. He lived and died as a mythos, fighting for liberty. Georgios Karaiskakis was born in 1780 in Mavromati, Karditsa, and he was the child of the relationship between the fighter Dimitris Karaiskos and the nun Zois … Read moreOral Myths, LTTA in Greece

Oral Myths, LTTA in Greece

Thessalian horses Throughout the centuries, the Thessalian horses with a timeless presence have dominated, and they still exist. Glorious myths and reality, is the order followed by the horse. From the Homeric years, the horses and the horsemen of Thessaly had already gained a great reputation. At the classical antiquity, the Thessalian horses are mentioned … Read moreOral Myths, LTTA in Greece


The students interviewed their grandparents about their life in the past and wrote down their stories Vanaema lapsepõlv  Isa oli lihunik, pidas sigu. Kui sead “valmis” said ehk olid piisavalt suured, hakati neid tapma. Hommikul mindi varakult, siga kaenlas, tapamajja, seal pidi isa ise tapmise läbi viima, kuna ta töötas seal. Tapmine käis nii, et … Read moreStorytelling