A tour trough mythological places.

A tour trough mythological places.

One of the last activities of this first year of the project “OUR INTANGIBLE HERITAGE, A VALUE FOR FUTURE” was a guided tour trough some of the mythological places in which the students were working on, mainly related with P5 and “P4-oral transmission” activities.

Our first step was the higher point of Curota mountain, from where we could wee and located “cruceiro de Moldes”, “lagoa de Carregal”, “dunas de Corrubedo” or “illa de Sagres”, all of them included in the stories “the man os Sagres” and “the submerged city of Valverde”.

Whit the help of our two guides, Julian and Ezequiel, from ARA archeologies, we continued the walk trough a fantastic place, with the company of wild horses and visiting the rests of ancient buildings of more than 2.000 years old.

Also located an old stone linked with the story of “A Moura”.

After a detour, the landscape changed and, after a while, we faced the view of the sea in the distance.

Even though the goat trail demanded all our attention, this amazing landscape deserved a short stop.

After a while, we found the ruins of “monastery of Miserela” and, finally, one of the most intriguing and comented lengend along this year: “Saint Mauro´s stone boat”, which our students had painted in many different ways, without a single picture of it.

After the long trip, we won a time to eat, relax and a bit of fun.

We are lucky to have these places so close to us. For some of the students was first time visiting these sites and, for all of us was a great day, plenty o apprenticeship and friendship.


Thanks to Erasmus+ for providing us with these opportunities.

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