3rd European Program Meeting

Within the framework of the Erasmus+ European Program materialized by the 1st EPA.L. of Karditsa, 3 teachers and 5 students from our school travelled to Konya, Turkey from October 20th – October 26th to attend the third program meeting. The title of the program is «Our Intangible Heritage, a Value for the Future», and the participating countries are: Spain, Turkey, Greece, Portugal and Estonia. The aim of the program is: to stress the fundamental need to preserve our culture and local customs, the search for information about oral traditions lost with the passing of time (e.g. traditional songs, games, recipes), and their presentation among the participants in the form of projects.

The school’s director, Mr Pappas Sokratis, Mrs Mangina Ourania and Mrs Giannakoudi Aikaterini accompanied the students to an unforgettable meeting! During this action they participated in presentations relevant to the subject and to Turkey’s cultural heritage, they visited Attalya, the ancient cities of Aspendos and Side. They also went to the old Hellenic town of Sille, where they visited the old church of St Helen. Moreover, they took part in simulations of local festivities regarding local customs, cooking recipes, music, dancing and games. Finally, they visited museums in the area and places which have been recognized as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

The 1st EPA.L. has often undertaken actions which help to improve the quality of education given to its students, and will continue to do so. We have also tried to make the most of opportunities that offer our teacher even more knowledge and experience, which can prove to be useful in their job and in their life.

From the Director’s Office, 1st EPA.L. of Karditsa

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