1st EPAL is a full time vocational upper secondary school, is located at Karditsa city in central Greece. The school comprises a wide range of departments: Mechanical, Electrical, Vehicle, Structural Engineering, Electronic, Computing Systems & Networks

The school has 43 teachers and 281 students, all of them from middle and lower class families. The students come from disadvantaged areas and faces problems of social and economic exclusion. In fact, a fierce crisis has affected the industrial and agricultural sectors which represented the traditional core of the local economy and the effort to develop alternative sectors such as agri-tourism, crafts and still has to produce relevant effects. In order to contrast the negative aspects of a disadvantaged area, the 1st EPAL has engaged itself in the effort to improve its learning environment through technological educational instruments and innovative experiences.

The school offers to its students a 3rd & 4th level of EQF system certification after their graduation

The school has build strong relations with local authorities, associations, trade unions, social networks, collaborates with them to develop students’ skills, attitudes and competencies by connecting theory and practice, the world of school and the world of work.

Our School is a vibrant and fruitful institution, with many activities and always open to innovative ideas. Moreover our school participates in exta-curricular projects. We are an institution that operates inside the society, senses its problems and advantages and tries to prepare its students in the best way for their adult life. In last three years our school is addressed to the direction of new teaching approaches integration and the use of innovative management approaches in order to provide to its students a more motivated school environment aiming to reduction of the school drop out phenomenon. Acting as partner or as coordinator in E.U. projects we trying to transfer or to integrate good practices from other E.U. countries by developing and maintaining communication and collaboration channels between partners. Moreover through our participation in mobility projects we trying to pass to our students one more motive in order to make them more active in school life participation.

Moreover, we consider sports to be of primary importance. Our schools has traditionally participated in and conquered most of the local football schools’ championships, as well as many of the national football schools’ championships (first place in 1996, second place in 2001, participation in the 2005 national wrestling championship). We also have had, and still have, many students/athletes who are actively and successfully involved in various sports (wrestling – second place in 1999, cycling, athletics). The school always tries to provide the necessary support to students like these, in an effort to promote the spirit of noble competition and team spirit.

Priorities: development of teacher’s educational strategies

Qulity of teaching, learning and assesment

Personal development, behaviour

We will have the chance to develop our opportunities through the programs and integration high-tech leaderships, skills.

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